Back to the roots: History of the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße

The Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße - high alpine road - origin by accident

Silvretta Hochalpenstraße

The Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße - high alpine road - is a private road of illwerke vkw and occured during the construction of the barrier lakes in the silvretta mountains.   

The first path from Partenen to the lake Vermunt was build in 1925. Five years later the dam was finished, so the trail wasn't necessary anymore. Only eight years later the path was expanded till the Silvretta, because another dam was planned.

The Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße occured by accident. To geht the digger, which was used for the dam, back to the valley, the easiest way was to build a road to galtur. That was the beginning of the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße, which opened for the public in 1954.